Who are we?

Valtox Logistics

Valtox Logistics is a Virtual Trucking Company which is provided by our Gaming Group, Valtox. Since the start of Valtox Logistics, we've been delievering the goods from A to Z, as stable & safe as possible. We're recruiting new truckers to transport more cargo for our clients.

What do we use?

Singleplayer & Multiplayer

Our Community is using both multiplayer & singleplayer clients to our drivers the best experience possible. Our goal is to create an experience like no other, which we are on track to complete.

Our logbook

Trucking Hub

We have released our Trucking Hub to our drivers, to give them an overall great experience. We are using the latest technology to imply realism, fun & challanges along the way.


-- Jobs
-- Miles
-- MPG

    What we expect from you:

  • To show a great presentation of Valtox Logistics while on the road.
  • Have an enjoyable experience with us.
  • Respect the community, our rules & others associated with us; work as a team.